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Seven years in the making, the Trusted Exchange Framework Agreement (TEFCA) is live and Qualified Health Information Networks (QHINs) are exchanging data. Mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act, TEFCA has three goals: (1) to establish a universal governance, policy, and technical floor for nationwide interoperability; (2) to simplify connectivity for organizations to securely exchange information to improve patient care, enhance the welfare of populations, and generate health care value; and (3) to enable individuals to gather their health care information.

As one of the nation’s premier health information networks, USQHIN stands at the forefront, leveraging our extensive experience to guide organizations through TEFCA implementation and shape the landscape of secure and interoperable health information exchange.

Elevate your Organization with USQHIN’s Proven Expertise

Unlock the full potential of TEFCA with USQHIN, a proven leader in onboarding consulting services. Having successfully guided many affiliated networks through the intricacies of health information exchange implementation, we bring unparalleled expertise to your organization.

Our Approach: Tailored Solutions for Your TEFCA Connection

Understanding TEFCA implementation involves navigating technical, policy, and contract challenges. At USQHIN, we offer comprehensive support to help you understand your TEFCA connection options. Our seasoned consultants will provide personalized recommendations, ensuring seamless integration with national exchange frameworks.

 Comprehensive Services: Beyond TEFCA Onboarding

USQHIN goes beyond TEFCA onboarding – we offer a suite of services to empower your organization. Our experts conduct a meticulous review of your data exchange practices, ensuring both security and compliance with all healthcare regulations, including the Information Blocking Rule. What sets us USQHIN apart is our dedication. As part of our consulting services, we offer a focused 15-hour week audit to personally and thoroughly assess your needs, evaluate your TEFCA readiness and tailor a custom support plan that elevates your data exchange practices – whether you are an HIE, a hospital, a PO or another data-sharing entity.

Resources to Empower Your Journey

Starting in January, we will roll out a wealth of resources designed to assist and alleviate the challenges of joining TEFCA. Stay ahead with our TEFCA Office Hours, a monthly live webinar where our experts will provide invaluable support and answer all your TEFCA and QHIN-related questions.

Elevate your standards with USQHIN – your catalyst for seamless TEFCA integration and a trusted partner in shaping the future of health information exchange.

To learn more about TEFCA and QHINS, visit our FAQ page.